Pharmaceuticals Assembling and Packaging Services

A full-service packaging specialist for the pharmaceutical industry

Valuepack is an established Contract Packaging Organisation and supplier of high quality packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. Today, the company has two production plants in Europe, in the Netherlands and Poland that are both ISO 13485 Certified, GMP licenced and FDA registered. With two facilities centrally located in Europe, Valuepack is well-respected Internationally.  

“Pharmaceutical Packaging: We made it our focus!”

Theo SnoekCEO, Valuepack

We offer a wide array of services aimed at adding value


In 2019, Valuepack facility in Nijmegen was granted the GMP licence.


Valuepack has skilled personnel and semi-automated technologies to undertake a huge range of assembly applications with visual control.


The Dutch facility has GMP Clean areas to fulfil a broad range of packing requirements.


With Serialisation and Aggregation becoming essential due to emerging worldwide regulations and practices.

Our company mission is to exceed expectations

  • Expertise in healthcare packaging
  • Quality Assured processes
  • Flexibility to upscale orders
  • Continuous development of innovative solutions
  • Highly skilled personnel

Serialisation and aggregation, labelling, storage and logistics. We also train certified packing staff for insourcing packing at client’s own facility, a service called Blue Collar.

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Pharmaceuticals Assembling and Packaging Services