Cleanrooms: your ideal environment for your Medical Device

Valuepack is ISO 13485 certified and operate according to the EU GMP guidelines. The Assembling and Packaging of medical devices take place under strict hygiene conditions within our ISO 7 and ISO 8 Cleanrooms and Clean Areas.

Nijmegen, the Netherlands

In our Dutch production facility, we have Cleanrooms and Clean Areas. We are located in the heart of the East-Netherlands Health Care cluster, the Health Valley, and 12 km from the East German border. Our warehouse racking and layout allows for efficient material storage, as well as fast and easy on-and off-truck loading. This plant specialises on handling the assembling and packaging of medical devices that have high-quality standards.

Szprotawa, Poland

The new 4500 sqm state-of-the-art production plant in Poland opened its door in August 2019. Valuepack Poland is ISO 13485 certified and operate under the EU GMP guidelines. We are 60km from the West German border and a 2-hour drive from the German city of Berlin. In this plant, we offer not only efficient logistics operations, but also well-balanced overall operation costs due to the benefits that the young and fast-growing local economy has to offer.


Within our facilities in Europe (The Netherlands and Poland), we have Cleanrooms and Clean Areas.

Our monitoring tests constantly give excellent results, highlighting our clean working ethic and strong commitment to GMP procedures. We have the available capacity with cleanrooms specified to operate at ISO 7 and ISO 8 for different types of activities or products. We are also a registered establishment with the US FDA.


You can benefit from our storage services throughout all phases of your packaging project. Within our warehouses, we offer storage space for bulk material; to-be-used for the assembling and packaging of your Medical Device; and for the final packaged products.

Due to our continuous commitment to quality and innovation, Valuepack has since December 2019 refurbished its warehouses to avoid any deviations with the temperature control system.


We have semi-automatic packaging equipment for Shrinking, Pouching, Flow packaging, Blistering and Gluing. The equipment that we use for most of our packaging services have a multi-purpose character. Thus, we can modify and adapt our machinery toolbox based on your packaging specifications.