How we work

Medical packaging workflow

With our Assembling and Packaging Services your product is ready-for-distribution in four stages:

  1. Intro: we listen to your needs and make an offer for the services that are essential to you
  2. Supportive creative services: we investigate on the material and the designing of your packaging
  3. Core business: we assemble, package, label, serialise, and aggregate your products
  4. Storage and Delivery: we warehouse and deliver your products
Nice conversations start with a cup of coffee. We get-to-know each other and we talk over your assembling and/or packaging goals and expectations.
In a simple and informative way we collect all details that matter during the assembling and packaging of your Medical Device (e.g. product handling requirements, packaging user experience goals, packaging design solution). Hereafter, services that will add value to your product can be determined based on your needs.
As soon as you approve our offer we engage our resources to your project.
We investigate packaging materials and space organization options of your product within the packaging, based on project-specific requirements such as physical packaging requirements (e.g. temperature, water resistance, light transmittance) or usage experience requirements (e.g. suitable for unpacking in a surgery-room environment).
We assess the suitability of the different packaging materials (e.g. substances, forms).
We create a design of the packaging (design possibilities range from primary to final packaging) of your Medical Device.
We present to you the packaging design and materials, and discuss over any optimizations.
We incorporate any design or material changes to reach the final packaging solution.
We make a prototype of the packaging of your Medical Device.
We perform various packaging test runs where we evaluate practical and physical matters, such as packaging strength and usability performance, depending on your Medical Device packaging goals. Also, we perform assembling and packaging production optimization.
We assemble the different components of your Medical Device based on your specifications and under strict hygiene conditions. Prior to assembling, we visually inspect all parts to ensure quality standards.
We package your Medical Device products, from product to pallet level, and under high quality standards. The packaging process is visually inspected along the way.
By using a label management system we can design, approve, and print labels in an effective manner, while the history of each label is stored in one common place and label designers, managers, and printing operators can access efficiently the information relevant to them.
We serialize your products in accordance with the regulations of your selling markets. Next to this, we aggregate the packaged products and provide you with the relevant dataset.
We organize the sterilization of your products based on their specific requirements.
You can benefit from our storage services through all phases of your packaging project. Within our warehouses we offer storage space for bulk material, to-be-used for the assembling and packaging of your Medical Device, and for final packaged products.
Your impression on our assembling and packaging services for your product is essential to us. At the completion of each assembling and packaging services project we like to shake hands with you while listening to your feedback.