Medical Packing

ISO 13485 compliant and FDA registered

At Valuepack we understand the packaging challenges of the Medical Device industry. We are an agile outsourcing partner committed to providing full-Packaging services within our facilities. The company has two production plants in Europe (The Netherlands and Poland) that are both ISO 13485 compliant and FDA registered.

We have valuable experience in Medical Device Assembling, Packing and Packaging Services within our ISO-certified facilities. We offer a full array of services, organised in a four-step workflow process, where you can choose individual solutions to your project’s needs. At Valuepack your Medical Device is handledwithin our Cleanrooms by specially trained personnel.

Medical Devices Packaging: We made it our focus!

Within our Medical-division quality, consistency and reliability are the leading factors. The quality and consistency of outputs are controlled regularly through audits, checks and measurements. Our aim is to be a one-stop-shop for our medical clients for assembling, packaging, labelling and storage of their products.


We assemble the different components of your Medical Device based on your specifications and under strict hygiene conditions. Prior to assembling, we visually inspect all parts to ensure quality standards (e.g. material condition, readability of data). Also, you receive an alert for any potential non-conformity.


We fulfil a broad range of packing requirements. As well as both low and high-volume packing, we can offer cost-efficient solutions embracing peel pouches, blister packs, or thermoformed packs with our newly purchased The Shawpak form & blister machine.


By using a label management system we can design, approve, and print labels in an effective manner, while the history of each label is stored in one common place and label designers, managers, and printing operators can efficiently access the information relevant to them.

Additional services

Serialisation and aggregation, labelling, storage and logistics. We also train certified packing staff for insourcing packing at the client’s own facility, a service called Blue Collar.