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Modern kings of the road. A cabin resembling an office, days of driving and truckstopfood for dinner. A couple of weeks ago we spoke with our truckdrivers: Doreen (32), Kevin (30), Tim (29) and Joep (40).

What motivated you to become a truck driver?

Tim: The responsibility to transport a cargo as safely as possible, Deliver it to the customer on time and the freedom. Also I like to explore many unknown places. 

Joep: My dad is a truckdriver, so I dreamed about it since I was a little boy.

What do you like the most about your job?

Kevin: I love the freedom and seeing new places everyday.

Joep: I agree with Kevin!

Doreen: I agree with the guys. I also love to drive alone with the radio on and sing as loudly as possible haha!

What does a typical workday look like?

Tim: I usually leave the Netherlands for Poland around 15:00. Almost 11 hours later I arrive in Poland and unload the truck. Then I take my mandatory 9 hours rest. When the trailer is loaded I drive back to the Netherlands.

Doreen: The working hours are different for me. When I get in the Truck I first put my driver’s pass and my personal belongings in the cabin. Then I check if the temperature of the trailer is good and walk around the truck to see if everything is okay. If so, I drive to my first unloading address and so on. When everything is loaded and unloaded I drive to the border. My colleague takes over the truck and goes to Poland.

How do you make sure you stay safe and alert during the trip?

Joep: Get some rest and drink some coffee during the trip.

Tim: Me too, and I make sure I have some healthy food and drinks with me.

Kevin: Sometimes I phone a colleague or listen to some good music.

What is your favorite radio station when you are on the road?

Joep: I like to listen to classic rock radio.

Doreen: SLAM FM! And also dance music, hardstyle and top 40 music.

Kevin: I mostly listen to Radio 10 or Qmusic. These are Dutch radio stations. I use Internet, so I can stream these radio stations everywhere.

Tim: I don’t have a favorite radio station actually. I mainly listen to Rock & Roll from the 70s.

When you drive for Valuepack, you transport medical and pharmaceutical products. Is that any different from transporting other goods?

Joep: We always handle the goods we transport with care. So there is no difference.

Tim: We have to keep a close eye on the temperature in the trailer. We don’t want the products to get too cold or too hot during transport.

Doreen: Next to medical devices I also deliver food as well for another client. We treat all the goods with respect and caution.

Are there any differences between driving in Poland an driving in the Netherlands?

Kevin: Not really, the infrastructure is mostly the same in Europe.

Doreen: Yes, the roads in Poland are very bad in some parts. But they keep improving. I also like the landscape during my trip.

Tim: I agree with Doreen, But I have to admit, the roads in Poland are quitter, they produce less tire-noise.

What was your greatest challenge on the road so far?

Kevin: My 3rd time to Poland was with heavy snowfall starting in Germany. I arrived 4 hours later at Valuepack Poland. This was very challenging and exhausting, because the roads where very bad to drive.

Tim: Yes I had the same experience. I remember during a extreme snowfall that it took me a few more days to reach Poland.