A client in the Netherlands, an international manufacturer of medical devices, kept the focus of his core business (manufacturing) by outsourcing from Valuepack the assembling and packaging of his products. The products that Valuepack is packaging for this client vary in a category and environmental needs:

For the products that do not require Cleanroom packaging and yet must be packaged under clean environmental conditions, we offer our client packaging, shrinking, printing, and label-applying services within our ISO 13485 certified production plants.

Since 2014, our client is benefiting from our ISO7 & ISO8 Cleanrooms, where we perform a visual inspection, single and double blistering, and labelling.

As a result of our long-term partnership, our client has increased capacity in his Cleanrooms for the manufacturing of his own products. Furthermore, his personnel is focused on their core manufacturing business, allowing for maximised use of their expertise in that field.

At Valuepack, we know that managing your product’s manufacturing process is different from managing its packaging. Reach out to us to discover how we can support you with our Medical Device Packaging solutions.

Service category: Assembling and Packaging
Plant: Nijmegen