Who we are

250 employees and two production plants in Europe

Valuepack is a Dutch company based in Nijmegen, in the Eastern part of the Netherlands. It was founded in 2002 by a young entrepreneur, Theo Snoek who has dedicated since almost two decades implementing his ambitious vision for the packaging industry. Today, with a turnover of +€5 million, 250 employees and two production plants in Europe, Valuepack is well-respected in the Netherland and Internationally.

“It can be done,
and I will find a way to do so”

Theo Snoek

Founder and CEO

“Back in 2002, I packed my determination and passion for setting up my own packaging company and knocked at the door of the board that organises the well-known international event “Vierdaagse” or in English “The Four Days Marches” in Nijmegen.

Being a fresh graduate from Business Management and Logistics at that point, it was a great deal to be assigned the packing of 45,000 bags, which contained information and giveaways for the participants of the event. It was my strong drive that gained the trust of one board member of the organisation, and thanks to his belief in my abilities, my company secured the packaging contract with the Vierdaagse for 17 years.

In 2004, we extended our reach and started focusing on the assembling and packing services for the Medical Devices industry, and since then, we have persistently grown in facilities, certifications, and know-how. Most recently, we have reached out to the pharmaceutical industry to offer our packaging services. What I enjoy the most is listening to my clients’ stories and work together with them to provide fitting business and technical solutions for their packaging challenges. It takes innovative approaches and up-to-date capabilities to pack for the Medical industry, and this is exactly where my enthusiasm lies daily in my work.”

Skilled teams

Our highly skilled teams are the ones who make a difference in the quality of our Medical Packaging services. Our production employees are trained to efficiently deliver our clients assembling and packaging services of high standards. Prior to employment, each individual receives training on:

  • EU GMP and Cleanroom procedures
  • Packaging operations
  • Customer’s product specifications
  • Work ethics
  • Safety

With most of our employees we have a long-term relationship. Dutch and English are extensively spoken within Valuepack.