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Solving Product Assembly and Packing Challenges in the Medical and Pharmaceutical industry

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Discover all your product assembly and packing solutions in a technology-based firm

At Valuepack, we understand the challenges involved in assembly and packing in the medical device and pharmaceutical industry. We are an agile outsourcing partner committed to providing full-packing services within our facilities. The company has two production plants in Europe (The Netherlands and Poland) that are both ISO 13485 certified and FDA registered. The facility in The Netherlands is also GMP licensed.

Product Assembly

Medical Packing

Pharmaceutical Packing

Logistics & Warehousing

ISO 13485 certified, FDA registered and GMP licensed


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Our core values

At Valuepack, we put people at the center of our operations. Our core values, rooted in the principles of being Valuable, Accountable, and Leading, act as the foundation of our organizational culture. They guide and shape our actions and decisions, and show our commitment to taking a person-centric approach in everything we do.

We recognize that human capital is more significant than financial capital or technology in today’s world. It is human capital that determines a company’s competitive advantage and success. As such, we highly prize competence, motivation, and personal fulfilment.

About Valuepack

  • Founded in 2002
  • Privately owned
  • Quality Assured processes
  • Continuous development of technology-based solutions
  • Growth mindset